August 13, 2015



Area Agency on Aging: The Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging (AAA) administers Older Americans Act programs, Social Services Block Grant programs, and other special grants from time to time for the purpose of providing social and nutrition services to aging individuals to help them maintain their independence. The AAA is responsible for developing and assisting community-based services that sustain, enhance, and promote the continuation of independence within the rural community setting. Three Rivers also is a Mississippi Division of Medicaid Bridge to Independence (B2I) provider and helps residents of nursing homes and ICF/MRs plan for a transition from a facility to a home in the community.

Community & Economic Development: Our Community & Economic Development Division’s primary role is to provide assistance to local governments on issues related to economic development and community improvements. The most recognizable function is through the preparation and administration of grant and loan applications. The division also provides management and program support services, and remains flexible in providing additional assistance to local governments as new needs arise.

The Community & Economic Development Division maintains a close working relationship with local, state, and regional economic developers by assisting in the preparation of financial packages and supporting their recruitment and expansion efforts. The division also provides administrative support to and for the North Mississippi Mayors Association, The PUL Alliance, the GM&O Rails-to-Trails Recreational District of North Mississippi, the CodeRED Emergency and Weather Warning System, and household hazardous waste collection days.

In addition, the division includes economic development staff who perform business recruitment, expansion, and retention activities for Union, Pontotoc, Chickasaw, and Itawamba counties. The alliance is modeled after The PUL Alliance and enables the counties to partner together to facilitate job creation and private investment on a regional basis.

The Community & Economic Development Division also oversees the Three Rivers Community Development Entity (CDE). Three Rivers CDE utilizes its New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) Program allocation to facilitate manufacturing and other high-impact community projects as well as improve access to health care in low-income communities in rural Mississippi. Project priorities are manufacturing, rural health care, and high community impact projects with significant job creation and private investment located in qualified low-income areas within the State of Mississippi. Three Rivers CDE offers senior and/or subordinated debt for the majority of its Qualified Low-Income Community Investments (QLICIs).

Fiscal: Three Rivers Planning & Development District prepares and reports on approximately 100 individual budgets that are administered by its various divisions. Several federal and state agencies frequently send monitors to make certain Three Rivers is fulfilling its obligations and we also work with independent auditors (Franks, Franks, Jarrell, & Wilemon). We are proud to say we have had no uncleared monitoring findings. Our Fiscal Division provides fiscal administration for entities such as the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority, The PUL Alliance, Three Rivers Area Agency on Aging, the North Mississippi Mayors Association, and a variety of other corporations tied to Three Rivers Planning & Development District.

Governmental Functions: Our Governmental Functions Division provides a wide variety of both administrative and technical services to local governments and other related entities. Among other items, the division provides technical and IT support, supplies support and training for the District-owned court management system, offers accounting software and support, solid waste collection design and operation assistance, and administrative support for the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority and the GM&O Rails-to-Trails Recreational District of North Mississippi.

Loan: Our Loan Division fosters economic development through the management of various small business loan programs. Three Rivers’ Small Business Loan Programs are designed to provide low costs, low fixed rates, and long-term financing for eligible small businesses in our eight-county region. The programs utilize a public-private partnership between commercial lenders and Three Rivers to assist small businesses with both start-up and expansion needs. The programs are designed to be beneficial to both the small business and the private sector lenders who participate. Three Rivers staff work with the private sector lender and small business to provide complete loan packaging services.

Medicaid Waiver: Our Medicaid Waiver Division offers home and community-based services to eligible individuals living in Calhoun, Chickasaw, Itawamba, Lafayette, Lee, Monroe, Pontotoc, and Union counties in northeast Mississippi. Medicaid Waiver teams consisting of a registered nurse and a licensed social worker are responsible for setting up and brokering services for clients. The teams monitor, assess, and review each client’s plan of care on a monthly basis in the person’s home and amend the plan of care to meet the needs of the client and his/her caregiver (if applicable). On average, each Medicaid Waiver team serves 100 clients per month.

Solid Waste Fee Billing: Three Rivers Planning & Development District began solid waste fee billing services in October 1993 utilizing software written by one of its employees. The primary responsibilities of the Solid Waste Fee Billing Division include maintaining and updating each county’s customer database, opening, balancing, and posting collections, printing and mailing monthly statements, and providing each county reports related to collections and delinquency.

Workforce Development (WIOA): Three Rivers Planning & Development District serves as the fiscal/administrative agent for The Mississippi Partnership, which is one of four workforce areas in the State of Mississippi designated to carry out the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014. The Mississippi Partnership Workforce Investment Area is the largest geographical area in the State of Mississippi, covering 27 counties in northern Mississippi and is governed by a 61-member board and 27 chief elected officials.

The Mississippi Partnership is responsible for establishing and maintaining a skilled workforce system that provides the highest quality services and a skilled workforce. The Partnership is also responsible for establishing local performance standards, one-stop delivery centers (known as WIN Job Centers in the State of Mississippi), selecting qualified service providers for youth services, and monitoring performance.

The WIOA Division also oversees the Mississippi Access to Care (MAC) Center for the 41-county area encompassing The Mississippi Partnership Workforce Area and Delta Workforce Area. Three Rivers Planning & Development District’s MAC Center serves to help older people and people with disabilities (along with their families and representatives) find long-term care services and supports to keep them living well and independently. MAC Specialists provide assistance within a local center, over the telephone, within a person’s home, or in another convenient location and all assistance is free and confidential.

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