August 24, 2015

Workforce Development (WIOA) Division: Adult Internship Program


Adult Internship Program

The Mississippi Partnership has recently implemented the Adult Internship Program. The goal of the Adult Internship Program is to provide meaningful work experience to adults in order to help them explore career opportunities or gain meaningful work experience in their chosen field of study, while providing an employer with a qualified employee for up to 320 hours at no expense to the company. Internship employees may work up to 40 hours a week (no overtime hours).

The intern will be an employee of Key Staff Source, which will be responsible for payroll, worker compensation, and other liabilities.

The worksite will be required to submit timesheets to the WIN Job Center on a weekly basis documenting the hours the intern worked.

In order to qualify to be a worksite, the employer must be able to:

  • Provide a meaningful and challenging work related to the adult intern’s interest
  • Provide a safe workplace
  • Supervise appropriately
  • Maintain an open line of communication between the employer, the adult intern, and the WIN Job Center staff
  • Provide feedback and evaluations of the adult’s work performance

If you are interested in being a worksite, you should contact your local WIN Job Center. A WIN Job Center staff person will schedule a meeting to further discuss the program and complete the worksite agreement.

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