August 24, 2015

Workforce Development (WIOA) Division: Rapid Response Services


Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response is an early intervention service that assists both employers and employees affected by layoffs or plant closures. It provides access to user-friendly resources and information to help transition affected workers into reemployment.

Mississippi Department of Employment Security and The Mississippi Partnership WIOA staff coordinate the Rapid Response efforts. The first step is an on-site meeting with the employer to discuss resources and services available to help manage the layoff and identify employees’ specific needs. (If appropriate, the on-site meeting also includes union/employee representatives.) The next step is to develop an action plan for delivering needed services and mobilizing the Rapid Response Team.

The Rapid Response Team is comprised of representatives of key local and state agencies that provide resources and services to assist laid-off workers. The Rapid Response Team works with the employer to provide the assistance and services needed for the affected workers. This may be accomplished in two ways:

  1. Through informational meetings with groups of employees called orientation sessions (during which time each member of the Team discusses available services)
  2. Through workshops on resume writing, employability skills, and/or other training that may also be provided.

The Rapid Response Team includes representatives from:

Services delivered by the Rapid Response Team to laid-off workers include providing information on:

  • Education and training opportunities
  • Resume writing assistance
  • Career assessment
  • Access to Internet for job search and posting resumes
  • Free access to copier, fax, and telephone
  • Children’s Health Insurance Program
  • Free, confidential financial counseling
  • Job search and job placement assistance
  • Starting a business
  • Unemployment insurance
  • NAFTA/Trade Adjustment Assistance

Services delivered by the Rapid Response Team to help the employer include:

  • Quick response to transition planning needs
  • Assistance in conducting an orderly layoff
  • Free pre-layoff services for employees
  • Information on WARN and NAFTA/TAA requirements
  • Improvements in workers’ morale and productivity
  • Maintain a good corporate image

For additional information regarding Rapid Response Services, please feel free to contact Three Rivers Planning & Development District’s WIOA Division by telephone at (662) 489-2415 or by email at

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