August 21, 2015

Governmental Functions Division

Governmental Functions

About the Governmental Functions Division

The Governmental Functions Division provides a wide variety of both administrative and technical services to local governments and other related entities. Please see below for examples:

  • Provides technical support to the E-911 districts in seven counties
  • Provides responses to requests for information technology (IT) support (hardware, software, network, etc.), with almost 11,500 total requests for IT assistance responded to since the "Request for Support" e-mail system was implemented in 2009
  • Works in partnership with Mississippi State University’s National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (NSPARC) in administering the County Records Management System (CRMS). This software system is in place in ten counties and is open-source, public domain software that is available statewide for any county to use as a document management system. Phase 2 of the CRMS project, which will allow a county to publish all the public records managed by CRMS on the worldwide web for use by any person that has a computer with internet access, has been launched in its pilot stage in Lee County with plans to launch in participating courts before the end of 2015. Phase 3 will consist of electronic filing of land and court records and will begin in January 2016.
  • Provides accounting software and support for twelve counties and two cities. In addition, a purchasing module was added to the accounting software package for 2015.
  • Provides computer network connectivity, website and e-mail hosting, and computer network security services for a customer base of over 1,000 local government users
  • Provides AS-400 mainframe computer hosting services for five counties and one municipality. In addition, Three Rivers began a new and expanded AS-400 venture with eleven counties called the High Availability Disaster Recovery Project (HA), which will expand the AS-400 mainframe computer hosting services by way of an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant that will be matched by Three Rivers and its eleven county partners. Once completed, HA will provide Three Rivers and its participating county partners the ultimate in protection of data housed on the AS-400 and a near immediate disaster recovery solution.
  • Provides solid waste collection system design and operation assistance to multiple cities and counties
  • Conducts successful household hazardous waste collection days in Lee County and the City of Oxford

Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority

The Governmental Functions Division provides administrative support to the Three Rivers Solid Waste Management Authority (Authority) as well. Please see below for further information regarding the Authority:

  • Has maintained its landfill tipping fee at the pre-1997 price of $22.00 per ton for all residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Authority’s region
  • Recently completed renovation of the Authority’s three transfer stations located in Lafayette, Lee, and Monroe counties
  • Recently completed Phase 1 of a new recycling and convenience center at the Three Rivers Regional Landfill
  • Markets Authority-owned surplus land adjacent to the Three Rivers Regional Landfill for economic development projects
  • In continued partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority and Pontotoc Electric Power Association, the Authority generates up to 999kwh of electricity from methane gas produced by the Three Rivers Regional Landfill and distributes that electricity to the grid for use by area residents and businesses.
  • Provides regional waste tire and white goods (scrap metal) collection and recycling programs

Tuition Assistance Program

Three Rivers Planning & Development District (Three Rivers) continues to administer the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP), a partnership created for counties (and their partners) in Three Rivers that will allow graduating high school seniors to receive tuition assistance for four regular semesters at a community college. The TAP is a ten-year program with a $25,000 maximum grant per year from Three Rivers that requires a local/private match equal to the lesser of 4 to 1 or the equivalent of what one mill will produce in the participating county. Three Rivers administers the TAP at no cost to the participating counties.

Students in participating counties that wish to apply should contact the Financial Aid Department at the community college they desire to attend for further information. Federal grants, state grants, scholarships, and VA benefits shall be applied first toward tuition with the TAP being the last funding source applied. Participating students shall enroll in and successfully complete twelve semester hours and maintain a 2.0 grade point average throughout the program.

Tanglefoot Trail®

The Governmental Functions Division also provides administrative support to the GM&O Rails-to-Trails Recreational District of North Mississippi (District), which is comprised of the partnership of Union, Pontotoc, and Chickasaw counties along with the municipalities of New Albany, Ecru, New Houlka, and Houston. The counties and municipalities developed and provide support for the growing success of the Tanglefoot Trail®.

In September 2013, the Tanglefoot Trail® joined the national ranks of rails-to-trails projects and officially opened for public use. The U.S. Secretary of the Interior and the National Park Service designated the multi-use recreational trail as one of ten exceptional local and state trails to be awarded National Recreational Trail (NRT) recognition in June 2015. The paved trail provides a safe and scenic route for bicyclists, walkers, runners, and others living in our local communities while drawing visitors from multi-state and international destinations.

Construction of trail facilities such as whistle stop comfort stations, rest stops, and rain stops has been completed. Planning and addition of other facilities (including pavilions) as well as further amenities will continue in the near term.

The positive impact to the local economy has been seen through increased visitors to our area and the opening of new businesses in trail towns and counties. Local businesses and citizens are embracing this regional asset by providing sponsorship support, which enables the District to continue enhancements and growth along the trail.

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